Indoor Air Quality

The air that circulates in your home must be fresh and clean or can have a negative impact on your family members. Not all homeowners are aware of this. In most homes, the air is filled with dust, dirt, toxins or harmful allergens, especially if the rooms are closed and have central heating and cooling.

Over the past decade, it has been observed that one in three adults in the United States suffers from allergies such as asthma, sinus and bronchitis. Maintaining good indoor air quality is a challenge that sometimes requires professional help. So if you want to avoid serious health problems, you need to have your indoor air quality tested. This is the only way to analyze the extent to which efforts should be made to improve it. If you are serious about improving air quality in your office or home, you must first pay attention to the air conditioning and heating system.

Did you know that space heating and air heaters can cause unhealthy interiors? The performance of heating/cooling appliances largely depends on how they are installed. Problems with heating and air conditioning, as well as poor indoor air quality can result from incorrect installation of HVAC systems. Home air-conditioning systems require proper installation, and proper installation requires education, knowledge and experience. The technicians who install the systems must be well versed in heating and cooling technology, hydraulics and electrical activities. You have to hire a contractor who knows his or her job well, if you do not end up not only with system problems, but also with high energy bills and poor indoor air quality.

Air conditioning units can also make a significant contribution to pollution. As climate change takes place, more and more people are installing air conditioning systems. Just as outdoor air poses a risk of pollution, indoor air must be discharged outdoors with adequate ventilation. If not, this can cause diseases and allergies. We breathe tiny particles of dust and allergens present in our rooms with air conditioning systems. When they penetrate deep into our lungs, they cause breathing difficulties or asthma.

It is therefore important that indoor air quality is periodically checked and maintained to reduce allergens and pollution. It is recommended that you contact your hvac contractor and ask them to evaluate the indoor air quality.

Do you spend most of your time indoors for fear of getting sick because of air pollution? Do you think it is safer to stay indoors, with the safety of a residential air conditioner, and there is no outdoor use in the market? If your answer is ‘yes’, you need to know that the level of pollution inside your home can be twice or even higher than outside. The Department of Public Health has identified poor indoor air quality as one of the five greatest threats to the environment. If your home has a central air conditioning system, your filters can play a very important role in keeping rooms clean and vice versa. Air filters in home air conditioners provide one or more filtration levels that help keep rooms clean. All warm air heating and air conditioning systems are equipped with these filters and proper maintenance can keep rooms clean.

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